Surroundings Bed & Breakfast Op den Buiten

Walking, cycling and enjoying

* Drive through the polders
* Cycle on embankments
* Walk along creeks and gullies
* Enjoy the tranquillity and expansive vieuws the area has to offer

Prefer a village or a city?

  • Koewacht: Learn everything about flax in the flax museum.
  • Hulst: Historic and hospitable.
  • Axel: Climb the water tower or go golfing or gliding.
  • Terneuzen: Watch the ships go through the locks on their cargo routes from Ghent and Antwerp. 'Portal of Flanders' is also a must see. Or visit  swimming paradise Scheldorado (great for kids).

We are centrally located and within driving distance of the other Zealand islands, North Sea beaches and Belgian cities of Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Knokke or Bruges.

Dining out:
We can bring you to Michelin * restaurant "t Vlasbloemeken" in Koewacht.
After dinner they will bring you back for the night. (Unfortunately, this service is currently not possible due to the guidelines of the RIVM).

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